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An open standard for defining cloud native apps.

Open Application Model [OAM] is runtime-agnostic specification that defines cloud native apps by natural and enables creating app-centric platforms where developers focus on code only.

Infrastructure Operators

Open Application Model is highly extensible. It provides modularized design to declare, customize and maintain operational capabilities per app needs.

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Check out KubeVela to experience Open Application Model on Kubernetes. ↓


Traditional Way

Cloud-native is "Hard"

  1. Developers spend time on infrastructure details instead of apps - ingress, labels, iptables rules, DNS, etc, and learning how the platform is implemented.
  2. Restricted platform capabilities - in-house APIs with opinionated abstractions and implementations, lack of interoperability.
  3. Runtime lock-in - platform is tightly coupled with execution runtime, which heavily impact on how you configure, develop and operate your app.

The OAM Way

An App-centric Approach

  1. Application first - the platform is built around a self-contained app model, where operational characteristics are also part of app definition, free of infrastructure here.
  2. Clarity and extensibility - an open standard to modularize your platform capabilities into reusable pieces, with freedom to bring your own abstractions and implementations.
  3. Runtime agnostic - a consistent experience to deploy and operate your apps across on-prem clusters, cloud providers or even edge devices.

OAM is runtime-agnostic. Read its Purpose and Goals for more background information.

See It In Action


KubeVela: The Fully Extensible App Platform based on Kubernetes and Open Application Model.

For developers, KubeVela is an easy-to-use tool that enables them to describe and ship their applications to Kubernetes with minimal effort.

For platform builders, it serves as a framework that empowers them to create developer facing yet highly extensible platforms at ease.


4 Paradigm

4Paradigm adopts OAM to build its cloud native AI platform that serves numerous customers in machine learning industry.

4 Paradigm

Crossplane offers the implementation of OAM control plane on Kubernetes, with integration of cloud services by default.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) is a Kubernetes native application platform built with OAM.

AlibabaCloud EDAS


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