Application Devs

An open model for defining cloud native apps.

Application Operators

Focused on application rather than container or orchestrator, Open Application Model [OAM] brings modular, extensible, and portable design for modeling application deployment with higher level yet consistent API.

Infrastructure Operators

This is the key to enable simple yet robust application delivery across hybrid environments including Kubernetes, cloud, or even IoT devices.

Learn the Model

Check out KubeVela to use Open Application Model in real world. ↓

The Platform


KubeVela as the Open Application Model platform intends to make deploying and managing applications across today's hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier and faster than ever.

KubeVela leverages Kubernetes as application delivery control plane but allows you to deploy (and manage) containerized workloads, cloud functions, databases, or even EC2 instances with a consistent workflow.

KubeVela is fully extensible in a programmable approach so it adapts to your needs when you grow.


Traditional Way

App Deployment is Hard

  1. Developers spend time on infrastructure details instead of apps - ingress, labels, DNS, etc, and learning how the infrastructure is implemented.
  2. Inextensible - upper layer platform may be introduced, but it's almost certain that the needs of your app will outgrow the capabilities of that platform soon.
  3. Runtime lock-in - app description is tightly coupled with the runtime infrastructure, which heavily impact on how you configure, develop and operate the app across hybrid environments.

The OAM Way

An App-centric Approach

  1. Application first - define the app with a self-contained model, where operational behaviors as part of app definition, free of infrastructure here.
  2. Clarity and extensibility - an open standard to modularize platform capabilities into reusable pieces, assemble them into an app deployment per your own needs, fully self-service.
  3. Runtime agnostic - a consistent experience to deploy and operate your apps across on-prem clusters, cloud providers or even edge devices.


4 Paradigm

4Paradigm adopts OAM to build its cloud native AI platform that serves numerous customers in machine learning industry.

4 Paradigm

Crossplane brings cloud services to your OAM applications in Kubernetes native approach.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) is a Kubernetes native application platform built with OAM.

AlibabaCloud EDAS

Meshery enables the easy adoption, operation, and management of any service mesh for OAM based application delivery workflow.

Napptive Kubernetes application platform

Napptive offers a managed cloud-native application platform centered on Kubernetes and OAM.

Napptive Playground

Learn more about who is adopting OAM in production.


OAM is driven by real world practices along with KubeVela. Join us! ↓

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